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Moulin de l'Aymerie

A three-hundred year old watermill needs daily attention. It is our goal to restore the mill to its original splendour with respect for the "patrimoine". You can understand his is not an easy job and will take a lot of energy and a fair amount of investment. Fortunately, a lot of the original mill machinery is still present and provides a good base for restoration. The estate itself offers us and our guests the opportunity to get acquainted with homemade products as: Delicious walnut oil, jams of various fruits from the garden as well as the vegetables and herbs that are used in the meals we make for our table d'Hôtes

Sustainable and Self-sufficient

Sustainable and self-sufficient. Words more and more mentioned. Here at Moulin de l' Aymerie it's our goal to organise the estate and campsite being step by step more self-sufficient. In all the changes we make, is being as sustainable as possible our goal. Keeping all options open, we appreciate it if you would contribute with good ideas. (But if you would like to do some of it yourselves; you're welcome!) With sharing and passing on the experience we try to inspire others to do the same.


"Yesteryear, everything was better" Of course that's not always exactly true, but in many ways we like to think otherwise; certain elements were way much more fun! Old stuff is totally our thing. Whether it's a building, an ordinary object, furniture, or vintage Citroëns, we enjoy them all and look at them with a smile. On several flea markets we've already found and collected a lot of nice things. Maybe you can find something interesting or fun in our collection. The Citroën passion has always been a part of our lives. We are happy to share it with you.

Looking for a great campsite in the Aveyron, Midi Pyrenees?

Tranquillity, space and freedom... Bienvenue!

Camping la Diège and Le Moulin de l' Aymerie our ancient watermill, are  situated "en pleine nature" in the Aveyron. You will find our 7 hectare estate in the valley of the river la Diège.

We are very proud to invite you on a nostalgic trip to our small campsite "La Diège" or in our authentic cottage "the little Backery" on the estate.

50 spacious places are awaiting you. Something for everyone: shade between or among the walnut trees, on the open field in the sun, alongside the river or near the facilities.

Do you wish to travel without a tent, you can hire one of our fully equipped tents for 2-5 people with a small extra tent for children.
We also have two fully equipped 2 person caravans for rent, also with a small extra tent for children.

Where peace and space lets everyone relax and gives opportunity to dream. On a beautiful green trail or just casually sitting down at a campfire. Where children can really play, surroudded by animals, build dams in the river, catch little lobsters and exciting places everywhere to make huts.

See you in the Aveyron!

Caspar, José, Sterre and Thorsten Hartgring

Nature, lovely villages and mountains..

If you've never been in the Midi-Pyrenees, it's really a must. It's one of the most beautiful places on earth, and when they say "live like a God in France", then surely that region is still meant by that! You will find medievel castles, towns, markets, caves, forests, mountains and a lot  more. Do you know the highest bridge in the world is just around the corner?

A lot to see and experience, but above all: relaxed!